What Would You Do

You're so young and full of life
and I love you
But that world you live in isn't real
With your head in the clouds above you
How can you know what you feel

What would you do
If this throne I sit upon
should crumble to the floor
Would you want me like before

And what would you do
if the fall should break my pride
If a tear rolled down my cheek
Would you think that I was weak

I know you need a shoulder to cry on
Someone older that you can rely on
But I wonder what you'd see
If you really took a look at me

And what would you do
if my rival came along
If I fought for you and lost
Would you're absence be the cost


I know you need someone there beside you
Someone who can care for and guide you
But I wonder what you'd do
if you learned that I was human too
What would you do?