1. Walkin' Sex

Walkin' Sex

I can't resist gettin' graphic
when it comes to you
A girl who keeps stoppin' traffic
Like you don't know that ya' do
And I don't care if you've been rated X
or where you come from
Walkin' sex ... Give me some

I hate the thought of rejection
when it comes to you
Creme de la crem of perfection
and I'm enjoyin' the view
And I don't care if how you dress reflects
what makes the upper crest cough
Walkin' sex ... Take it off

I heard your history teacher
had his way with you
and a wanderin' preacher
taught you what not to do
But I don't care what rumor resurrects
I told 'um, "cast the first stone"
Walkin' sex ... None were thrown

I wanna wine you and dine you
'till your hearts content
No woman's gonna outshine you
I'll even spring for the rent
And I don't care if I run out of checks
I got my own kinda' greed
Walkin' sex ... What cha' need


I'll take you up to Niagra
and pay no mind to the falls
Ain't gonna need no viagra
I'll get ya' climbin' the walls
And I don't care how many chief execs
oredred you to stay near
Walkin' sex ... Over here