I'm The Other Woman

I'm the other woman
in my baby's life
I can be his mistress or his wife

I'm the other woman
who's had to learn the facts
Ya' gotta come from both sides of the tracks

I can play the socialite
'Keep the party so polite
but when all the guest retire
the other woman is fire

I'm the other woman
but when I say "yes"
there's no sin to which he must confess

I can be his mother's dream
but there are peaches 'neath the cream
and when we finally get tucked in
The other woman is sin


I'm the other woman
and a sounding board
who listens 'till his faith
has been restored

And when he's feelin' insecure
'cause he's not completely sure
he's still the finest catch in town
the other woman goes down

I hold him captive but he still feels free
The other woman is me ...
The other woman is me ... The other woman is me