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  1. Listen


Listen! for a moment please
I tried to tell you this before
Listen! I'll just leave the keys
No; I can't stop at the store

I guess that I'm just tired of waitin'
For you to finally let me in
It's all about communicatin'
Yes; I'll tuck the children in

Listen! If you're even there
I guess I'm talkin'to the wall
Listen! This is so unfair
Back into your shell you crawl

I'll make it work if you'll just let me
But I don't think you ever will
It must be easy to forget me
Yes; we paid the doctor bill

Listen! I'm so very scared
To face a world I've never known
Listen! I'm so unprepared
Ya'll gonna be alright alone?

I need to know where you can find me
Even if the love is dead
I'll let you know where you can find me

Never mind, lets go to bed